Always remember that tire pressure is very important!  The standard golf car tire requires 22lbs of air pressure at all times, no more – no less.  It is so important that, if you don’t maintain this level of air, it will put an extreme amount of stress on your batteries.  This will decrease the life of your batteries, and your golf car will loose power and may even stop you dead on the golf course, or where ever you are.

I have seen tires separate from the wheel for lack of air.  When this happens the wheel, and tire need to be taken off of the golf car and repaired.  Hopefully the tire can be saved.  In the event it can not be spared, you will have the added expense of a tire, and possibly a wheel.  There is also labor, and a service call to consider.  A simple thing like air can prevent this from happening.  Spare yourself the expense, and lost time your could be enjoying your golf car, by adding air when needed,

A costumer called recently because his golf car would not even climb a small incline.  This is a long time customer who didn’t realize the importance  of air pressure.  He called me 50 miles away because he thought his batteries might be the issue.  When I arrived at the customer location and checked the batteries, the batteries checked out okay.  I noticed one of the golf car tires appeared to be low on air pressure.  Upon checking the tires with my air gauge the tires were all low on air. Some of the tires did not even register air in them at all. You can’t always tell when golf tires need air because they are so rigid. I filled all four of his tires to 22lbs, and the problem was solved.  His golf car was not sluggish any more. The golf car drove at the speed it was supposed to, even in grass and up hills.

You will get a lot more distance between charges, and the life of your batteries will be extended a lot longer,  It could turn out to be a warranty issue, if your batteries loose their life pre maturely.  These reasons are why air pressure is so important.  22lbs, 22lbs, 22lbs.  Check them often!  Golf car tires are notorious for loosing air.  Don’t get caught with your tires down.  Take good care, check your air.