To prolong the life of deep cycle batteries, you must use distilled water in them. Take each cap off each battery and check each cell about once a month. If lead is exposed in the bottom of the cell you are looking in, add water. Note: a battery filler is a good thing to purchase to get the right level of water each time. I sell them for $10.00 dollars. Very handy!

If batteries are under warranty, the proper water level is important. If the batteries are under filled or over filled, the warranty is nullified. Over filling will cause acid to spill over batteries, and make contact with the frame of the golf car and on the surface you park. The acid will eat any thing that is not plastic. I recommend you place a plastic mat on the surface, under the batteries to prevent this from happening.

It is important to make sure the nut on each stud where the cable is connected is tight so the battery does not arch and melt the battery post or blow up the battery. This is not a warranty issue, it is human error.

Use battery protectant spray to eliminate acid forming, and eating cables in half. The golf car will stop dead if the cable brakes. You can use a water hose with a pressure nozzel on it to clean batteries off. WATER WILL NOT HURT ANYTHING BY SPRAYING UNDER THE SEAT IN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT. It will save you a lot of head aches and break downs. Simple maintenance is a smart thing to do. You won’t have to call a golf car mechanic as often.