It is important to keep your golf car clean, and maintained. You should do this yourself, or have a professional do it.  It will save you alot of head aches, and costly repairs in the future. There is a list you should follow when performing maintenance.

IT INCLUDES:  keeping batteries clean of acid (on electric, and gas golf cars), checking tire ware, visual check on brakes for ware, use an air compressor to clean out brake dust from brakes, and brake drums (brake dust will prevent your golf car from slowing, stopping, or parking), your brakes will not hold on an incline, keeping tire pressure at 22lbs, for standard golf car tires, lube the front if there are grease fittings, (some golf cars won’t have fittings), keep batteries filled to the proper level with distilled water (over filling, or lack of water will nullify any warranty that may exist), use distilled water only, check front bearings for ware ( pack with grease if required), have bearings replaced if necessary, call for advice if needed, YOU CAN PRESSURE WASH THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT WITHOUT HARMING BATTERIES, OR COMPONENTS. These tips will extend the life of your golf car.