The gas golf car will use a single 12 volt battery.  An electric golf car will use 12 volt, 8 volt, or 6 volt batteries. In a 48 volt golf car you will see either (4) 12 volt batteries, or (6) 8 volt batteries. In a 42 volt golf car you will see (7) 6 volt batteries.   In a 36 volt golf car you will see (6) 6 volt batteries.

The way to identify the age of the batteries is by looking at the negative post.  The flat part of the post on the top of the battery will have a date code.  The date code consists of an alphabetical letter, and a digit.  The letter will identify the month ( A for Jan., B for Feb., C for Mar., and so on.).  The digit will identify the year (9 for 1999, 0 for 2000, 1 for 2001, 2 for 2002, 12 for 2012, and so on).  If you have questions about the age, call your dealer, or the manufacturer of the battery.

Some people forget how old their batteries really are, so they need to be checked out so you know how much life is left in them.  I have seen Trojan batteries last 9 to 11 years.  That is the best battery on the market today.  No other battery will compare to a Trojan.  They will be a little more expensive, but you will get alot more use, and longer life out of them.  Charging will take less time, and the distance you will go between charges will be much further.

I have tried about every battery on the market, none compares to a Trojan.  You will be very pleased.  Don’t think about the initial cost, think about lhe years of life in the long run.  Don’t cut your self short.  You will be very happy at the out come.  Other batteries may be less costly, but you will be replacing them in two wo three years.  Do your self a favor, spend the money and get the best.

When your batteries start to bulge, they are either getting old or you are over filling them with distilled water.  By doing so you are shortening the life of your batteries, and you don’t get a full charge out of them.  The distance you travel will become increasingly less, and less.  Take care of your batteries, and they will take care of you.  A well maintained battery is a happy battery.  In turn, you are happy too.