Maintenance on your gas golf car should be done once a year.  You need to change all fuel filters, and the oil filter (if one exists).  A two cycle engine will not have an oil filter, because you pre mix the gas and 2 stroke oil (50 to 1 is the ratio).  A four cycle engine will have an oil filter.  The oil drain plug will be one of two places, either in the front bottom edge center, or under the engine in the center bottom.  Use 5-30 weight oil for 4 cycle engines.  Do not over fill!  If you are unsure about the capacity for oil call a dealer for advice.  The EZGO Golf Car will have 2 cylinders, and 2 spark plugs.  Most other golf cars will have 1 spark plug, and 1 cylinder.

You should grease your car in the front, if there are grease fittings.  Some golf cars will not have grease fittings, such as Yamaha.  Newer Club Cars may not have them either.

Here is a check list for maintenance.  Change oil and filters on a gas car.  Gas and electric: lube, air tires (22lbs), clean batteries with water hose, battery protectant, check brakes, check bearings in front wheels (pack with grease if necessary), on electric car fill batteries with distilled water if low (DO NOT OVER FILL!), check brake cables, replace defective battery cables, blow brake dust off of brakes, and out of brake drums.

To check brakes, you will need to jack the golf car up, take the tire off and pull the brake drum off.  EZGO will have a castle nut with a cotter pin and washer holding the drum on.  Pull the pin, un-screw the castle nut, and the drum and washer should slide off.  You may need a hammer in some cases to get the drum off.  If it is to difficult, email or call me, I will be happy to assist you, and help you save money.